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Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

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Acupuncture Session

Dr. Holly Durning D.O.M, A.P., L.Ac.

Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Holly Durning is a board certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine in Florida, as well as a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in the states of New York and Pennsylvania.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Medical Anthropology from the University of South Florida and a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, NY.  She participated in clinical internships at the New York University Hospital of Joint Diseases, the Veterans Affairs Medical Hospital of New York-Neurology Department and Grand Meridian Clinic of Chinatown in Manhattan.  Dr. Durning completed advanced training through Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York for which she was awarded the Sloan-Kettering Certification in Advanced Acupuncture for Cancer Patients - Integrative Oncology.

Following the completion of her formal schooling and internships, Dr. Durning went into private practice in NYC and the “Hamptons” of eastern Long Island. In addition to her private practice, she worked in collaboration with Southampton Hospital to expand its community wellness initiative.  Dr. Durning treated and educated doctors, hospital staff, and the local community on the benefits of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  

In 2014, Dr. Durning relocated to Florida and joined Perfect Union of Body & Mind, a busy, high-end, multi-practitioner Chinese Medical Clinic in Boca Raton, FL. were she was the lead Acupuncturist treating thousands of patients over 5 years. Caron Renaissance, one of the top alcohol/drug treatment centers in the country, chose to work exclusively with Perfect Union and Dr. Durning helped many patients with anxiety/depression, pain relief, insomnia, as well as addiction.  She has also participated in Acupuncturists Without Borders to provide free treatment in communities stricken by natural disasters or traumas, and has seen first hand the power of Acupuncture in treating trauma and PTSD. 

Dr. Holly Durning specializes in Pain Management, Integrative Oncology, Women's Health, Hormonal Imbalance, Autoimmune Disorders and Cosmetic Acupuncture.  She believes that a commitment to healthy living begins with a balance of the mind, body and spirit.  Acupuncture helps promote natural healing and improves bodily functions by restoring the flow of energy throughout the body.  This non-invasive treatment assists the body in its intrinsic ability to heal itself.  Each treatment is tailored to fit the individual and addresses the root cause of disease.

Dr. Durning is excited to be back in her hometown of St. Petersburg, FL. where she can bring her passion and extensive knowledge of Holistic Medicine to the community that she loves and calls home.

Licensure & Certifications:

  • Licensed Acupuncturist: Florida, New York & Pennsylvania

  • Diplomate Ac. & OM. ~ National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

  • Certification in Advanced Acupuncture for Cancer Patients Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

  • Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certification

  • Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy (APIT), Ozone Injection Certification 

  • Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture Specialist

  • Kiiko Matsumotto 150-hour Certification in Japanese style Acupuncture

  • Battlefield Acupuncture Training

Dr. Sandra Nelson

D.O.M., A.P., L.Ac.

Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Sandra Nelson is a nationally board certified Acupuncture Physician and
Chinese Herbalist in Florida. She holds her bachelors degree in Applied
Sociology from Texas State University and a Masters of Oriental Medicine degree from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Health in Austin, Texas.
In 2019 she moved to Florida from Texas and began practicing
acupuncture in boutique spas. There she treated chronic pain, sports
injuries and psycho-social issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression.
Dr, Sandra holds advanced certifications and training in Hari Japanese Style painless
acupuncture, NADA detox, and NeoClassical Pulse Diagnosis. 

Dr. Sandra provides a holistic approach to health, including various healing
modalities to better improve the lives of those in her community. She
believes that being one's best self starts with health & balance of mind,
body, and spirit.

In addition to working with adults, Dr Sandra enjoys treating children with gentle

pediatric acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, laser therapy and other modalities.

Licensure and Certifications:


  • Licensed Acupuncturist in Florida

  • Diplomate of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine: National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

  • Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy (APIT) 

  • Advanced Education/Special Interests: Low Back Pain, Cancer Treatment, Facial Rejuvenation, Hari Japanese Style Acupuncture, Master Tung Acupuncture, Addiction & Recovery, Qigong

Dr. Jenni Meyer D.O.M., A.P, L.Ac.

Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Jenni Meyer, a Florida-based licensed Acupuncture Physician, holds national board certification. She began her medical career as a registered nurse and swiftly attained a bachelor’s degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. This propelled her into a quest for holistic health solutions, culminating in her current status as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Jenni uses many different modalities to help others achieve holistic and balanced health and well-being, including: cupping therapy, oriental massage, electrical stimulation, and injection therapy. She holds a special interest in
alternative aesthetics, Pain management (acute and chronic), and anxiety/stress disorders.

Licensure and Certifications:

  • Licensed Acupuncture Physician (Florida)

  • Diplomate of Oriental Medicine – National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

  • Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy (APIT) – Facial rejuvenation, Acute and Chronic pain management)

  • AcuMicro (micro needling for Acupuncturists)

  • AcuSculpting (Cosmetic facial and body contouring)

  • Fang’s Scalp Acupuncture Therapy (Neurological conditions and various ailments)

IMG_0853_Original (2)_edited.jpg

Dr. Dani Leithead D.O.M., A.P., L.Ac

Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Dani Leithead is a board-certified Acupuncture Physician and Chinese Herbalist. She holds four board certifications including Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Biomedicine and Chinese Herbology, and is also certified in AcuPoint Injection Therapy.  She is a member of Florida State Oriental Medical Association. Dr. Dani has 15 years of experience working in the Health and Wellness field as an Exercise Physiologist. She has additional training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a
Health Coach, with a specialty in gut health.

As a general practitioner, she enjoys working with a broad spectrum of conditions including pain management, gastrointestinal disorders, and women's health. She is passionate in advocating for patients who struggle with Celiac Disease, as well as hormonal imbalances and digestive diseases. Dr. Dani believes that combining Chinese Medicine, proper nutrition, and mind-body practices provides the best outcome for acute and chronic diseases.

Licensure & Certifications:

  • Licensed Acupuncture Physician (Florida)

  • Diplomate of Oriental Medicine- National Certification Commission of Acupuncture ans Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

  • Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy (APIT)

  • IIN Health Coach, Gut Specialist

  • NASM Personal Training Certification


Types Of Treatments

Body Acupuncture


Herbal Medicine

Traditional chinese herbal medicine sele

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Acupuncture Treatment


Young woman getting treatment at medical

Vitamin & Homeopathic Injections


Nutritional Counseling

Cooking Eggs

Initial Assessment & Treatment 
1.5 hours / $195

Follow-Up Treatment
1 hour / $110

(Package rate / 5 sessions / $475)



Herbal Medicine Consultation

1 hour / $120

Follow- Up / 30 minutes / $75



Cosmetic Acupuncture Initial Assessment & Treatment / 1.5 hours / $220

Follow-up / 1 hour / $140

(Package rate / 10 sessions / $1,200)



Acute & Chronic Pain

Insomnia/ Sleep Disorders


Cancer Support

Hormonal Imbalance

Women's Health

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Fertility Issues

Autoimmune Disorders

Digestive Disorders

Neurological Conditions

Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

What Patients Are Saying...

I have been a patient of Dr. Holly Durning for over 5 years.  I came to her with rotator cuff pain and clicking in my fingers from holding my golf clubs too tight.  I did not want to go through surgery if this would work.  Miracle of miracles it worked!  Dr. Holly is truly amazing.  She is knowledgeable and dedicated to healing and wellness.  I still go to her for general wellness. I truly don't know what I would have done without her help.

Joan Satz

I started seeing Dr. Holly Durning in 2016.  She is a great diagnostician and extremely competent Acupuncturist.  She treats chronic disease states and can shorten the duration of any infection. As a board certified hospice and palliative medicine physician, I have also co-treated many patients with Dr. Durning and the results were incredible.  She and I collaborated care throughout our patient's disease process which enabled our patients to rely on less Western medications and have a better quality of life.  She doesn't just treat symptoms-Dr. Durning gets to the root cause of disease... she listens and truly cares about her patients!

Dr. Lisa Maria Tartaglia, D.O.

During her tenure as an Acupuncture Physican in Boca Raton, FL. Dr. Holly Durning treated me many times over the course of more than a year and I found her to be an extraordinarily competent, knowledgeable, and compassionate practitioner.  I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Dr. Charles H. Hennekens, MD, DrPH

First Sir Richard Doll Professor & Senior Academic Advisor to the Dean

Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, Florida Atlantic University

I walked into Holly's office beyond distressed! I was just told the day before I had my third autoimmune disease and had to go on even more medication! My sister highly recommended Holly, what did I have to loose, right? I began seeing her 3 times a week and taking herbs and formulas, by the 6th month of treatments, I was off 1 medication and feeling so good.

Within the year, I was off 3 of my 4 medications and working on that fourth. Holly was my miracle worker! 

I also always developed serious bronchial infections from the smallest of colds, again Holly to the rescue!

Holly also helped me greatly with my severe back pain. I recall a visit that I had my son drive me straight from the airport to her office cause I hurt my back. With in 24 hours I was back up and walking. Every time I began to feel a bit out of sync, it was time for a tune up, as I call them. I am now thanks to Holly a huge acupuncture lover. Her loving and sweet compassionate bedside manner is worth a million dollars! My only complaint is that she left Boca Raton.

Mary Teems

Dr. Holly is kind, caring and compassionate.  I went to acupuncture for help with insomnia.  The treatments helped the insomnia and so much more!  After a few sessions I found my overall physical and emotional heath improved.  Acupuncture is a permanent part of my wellness plan.

Linda Goldberg

Dr. Holly is amazing both professionally and personally. I am grateful to her because she assisted me tremendously with many health concerns, specifically stress and  not sleeping.  I honestly feel that I treat myself better and am healthier  because of so many recommendations she made. I began seeing her in 2016 until she relocated her practice.  She is a  caring Physician  that truly listens and is very effective with both treatments and recommendations of herbs and supplements. I have referred her family members and clients specifically for anxiety and other health issues. They are always grateful. 

Thank you Dr. Holly, we really miss you in Boca Raton!

Patrice Migliori-Farnes, LCSW, RPT

Rocks of Balance

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